Palladium Men's Pallabrouse Baggy Chukka Boot Palladium Footwear Pallabrouse Baggy-PARENT


:10 M US

Color:Black Metal

  • Cotton
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Outdoor
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Fashion boot


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April 21, 2016
I bought these because I wanted to make my girlfriend jealous. She saw them on the female agent in the movie Sicario and I thought they looked familiar. When I looked them up on Google, I noticed that Will Smith had also worn them in I Am Legend. No wonder they looked familiar. So I purchased them. Amazon Prime shipping was of no use for two-day shipping so I forgot that I ordered them until they arrived yesterday. When I opened the package and saw them, I was impressed with the look even more now that I could see them in person. They are a bit more green than the olive you see in the photo(s) here but that's okay. I think I'll order the lighter versions if I want a more subtle color. I put them on right away and I must say, they are comfortable. I wore them for about 6 hours yesterday while I was at the office. I wasn't standing the entire time but they were comfortable when I was. I wore them again today because I want to give them a full day to show me how comfortable they are. The canvas has enough give without any uncomfortable sewing that places pressure where the boot bends with your foot. The construction looks very durable but only time will tell. They're lighter than most books and almost as comfortable as tennis shoes. The looks are what's important here though. They'll do just fine for my purpose(s).
May 21, 2017
I love them. They are stylish and really complete the look I want. I have somewhat wide, NOT MUCH, BUT SLIGHTLY, WIDE FEEt and my true size is a ten but I will go between a 10 or 11 size depending on shoemaker. I went with a 10.5 on these and they feet like a charm. The boots are super super cool. I don't see anyone else wearing them which is even more cool. I almost don't want to give positive reviews because I don't want to see people everywhere wearing them all of a sudden, but I have to be honest. Nice job creating this shoe. Wish it was made in America.
J. Greene
November 21, 2017
I only recently discovered palladium boots and wanted to give them a try and have been pleasantly surprised. I have been stuck on Merrell minimalist shoes for the last 5 years but wanted to get something a little bit different, but with a similar feel. These boots fit perfectly and my typical size of 9.5 fits like a glove immediately with no break in period necessary. I also like that I can comfortably wear these with my short ankle socks and not have the material bother my legs. I did expect the the color to be a little bit darker, but I am happy with what I received and will be buying more in a different color.
Amazon Customer
November 6, 2017
Just got in today and I really like them. I'm a female and ordered for myself. Ordered down 2 sizes. I wear a 10 so I ordered an 8. I like that you can adjust the way you can wear them. It has snaps that hold down the flaps if you want or you can wear partially up or all the way up.
Alexander Bhasavanich
April 24, 2017
Disclaimer - I bought these boots and then immediately had to return them, so I don't have several months of experience.

These boots are very stylish and are made of good material. However, they are incredibly narrow. I'm usually a size 8.5-9, and the size 9 fit the width of my foot nicely, but had an extra inch and a half in the toes. Imagine how narrow converse are, then imagine narrower. Top marks for style and comfort (the removable insole looked super nice), but unfortunately didn't fit my foot shape. Avoid this shoe if you don't have thin long feet.
Sarah Winter
July 6, 2017
I love these boots so much it's tipping towards unhealthy. They fit well and look so freakin' awesome. I love these to the point that I wrote a short song about my newly found love of sneaker boots. They're beautiful. Beautiful. On the practical side they feel very well made - the seams are solid, the soles have a good amount of flex and a lot of traction. I honestly cannot speak highly enough about these boots.
I'm fairly certain they've saved babies or at least kittens in a past life (I'm questioning my logic here. Maybe a bunch of bugs or something... They did come back as footwear in this scenario - top notch footwear, but footwear nonetheless...).
patarut panosot
February 10, 2018
made in china. bad quality. disappointed
this is my second palladium shoes.
the first one was great.
this one looks cheap, and the build quality and finishing is worse.
the logo tag is sewn on very cheaply, makes it look like a copy (can't really tell though).
the last pair i bought was made in vietnam, much better.
i compared them side to side and you could easily see the differenceu0e2b.
February 18, 2016
Amazing fit. So comfortable that you can walk for hours in them. Stylish in that military end of the world kind of way. Like a not so dirty mad max.
Seem to be well built... They are canvas shoes so they will suffer I am sure from all the limitations that canvas shoes have. I.e. Rubber separation, canvas wear and fast sole wear. Other then that I would wear them with just about anything avoiding water and wet situations as again it is a canvas shoe.

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