MaxMiles Motorcycle and Bicycle Cell Phone Holder Aluminum Universal Adjustable Phone Mount Smartphone Holder Bike Handlebar Phone Holder for iPhone X 5 6 7 8 Plus Samsung LG


Color:Rotation Black

  • Revolutionary: Finally, the strongest, most reliable Bike Cell Phone Holder on the market is here - one that is made for folks on the go! Also you can find cheaper strong plastic version in our store.
  • Fast Use: One easy movement is all it takes to attach and detach your 2” - 4” wide device.
  • Easy Installation: The adjustable clamp is simple to install on your bikes support tubes with included installation tool - up to 31.8mm in diameter.
  • Stable: Strong and secure, this holder comes with a powerful 3M Adhesive Patch, so you never have to worry about losing your device.
  • High-Quality: Created from a premium, lightweight CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy, this cell phone holder is ready for anything you throw at it. Find Another Listing and XXL Variaton for the Cell Phones with Really Big Cases
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Rotation version and Bottom support version with 60 Horizontal rotation option

bike cell phone holder. fit for the phone's width from 50mm to 100mm, can be assembled on the handlebar and stem cover Stylish design comes in various colors. Support Devises from .2 to 6.2in Diagonal Size. Whether you are a serious bicycle rider or like to casually wheel around on a sunny day, it is vital that your cell phone is within reach at all times. That’s why you need the Bicycle Cell Phone Holder from . This tough smartphone holder is CNC-machined from top-grade Aluminum, and fixes nice and sturdy to your bike's handlebars or stem with a diameter of 18mm to 0mm easily with its adjustable clamp. The fully adjustable holding area takes devices ranging from .5” to 7” in size, with a max width of .5”. The contoured edges have a tight grip, and, combined with the included M patch, holds your device securely in place so you never have to worry about it falling off your bike again. With 60° of rotation, you won't have any problem finding a positioning that works for you. Finally, there is a device holder that can put up with anything you throw at it. Pick-up a Bicycle Cell Phone Holder today and experience the difference.


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June 27, 2018
I buy quite a bit from Amazon and I try to keep on top of the reviews and asked questions.


I'm using it with an iPhone X with an Otterbox Defender case and it fits VERY securely. I was going to buy a RAM mount product which is extremely durable and strong but priced VERY high. Not only was this inexpensive, but VERY strong! Easy to install too.

This product is a homer, and I highly recommend!
October 12, 2018
Beautiful. Classy. Sturdy. Very high quality product made from anodized aluminum. I am using it to mount my Note 9 and I don't feel afraid of it falling off. The clamping is large enough to hold any phone and is adjustable via a screw. Foam pads with adhesive backing are provided to ensure clamping does not scratch your phone.
Kindle Customer
May 6, 2018
Very impressed with how well the phone is held in place by this device. Really easy to mount and take off the phone. I have owned two other phone holders for my bike. Now that my phone is waterproof and does not need to be in a pouch, this is really the best option I have used.
September 25, 2018
Excellent! It fits my iPhone 8 perfectly (could fit a 10). I’ve had it out for a few rides on city streets totaling about 30 miles, and it’s great. I did have to tighten it after today’s 20 mile ride, but I think that’s to be expected. I’m very pleased.
Tim Harris
October 5, 2018
Very well built so far. Prongs need to be wider though. It barely fits my Iphone 8plus with a life proof case on it. The size is not the problem it is the width of the phone in the case. It works but you have to tighten it down really well.
June 25, 2018
Sturdy cell phone mount for my road bike. Arrived as described and holds my iPhone 8 with case very well. I appreciate it's made of aluminum and not plastic (like just about every other cell phone bike mount I researched).
kent lee willingham jr
August 5, 2018
great form factor. very solid. Ive rode probably 3000 miles with this on my road bike and it has never dropped or lossed it hold on my phone.
M. Golding
June 9, 2018
Love it, top notch quality and holds my iPhone 8plus nice and tight.

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