Double Electric Breast Pump, Msestp Portable Breastfeeding Pump with LED Display, Pain Free, Strong Suction FDA BPA-Free with Baby Grooming Kit

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While enjoying the pleasure of being a mother, you should also know when to nurse your baby. It doesn't depend on how much milk you have in your breasts; instead, it depends on whether your child is hungry.
breast pump is a good choice. You can store your milk and feed your baby at any time.
Built with 100% BPA free medical-grade material. The air is completely isolated from mother's milk and is very hygienic and safe.
You can massage your breasts with a prolactin mode and then it provides 9 suction to suck the milk. It's just like a baby sucking your milk.
It's very quiet and makes you feel very natural. The milk flow one-way designing, effectively avoid contamination.
As a small but useful gift, breast pump hopes every mom can enjoy feeding your baby.
2 x Breast Pump
2 x Nipple with Lid
1 x USB Cable
1 x Users Manual
1 x Grooming Kit
1. Disinfect with boiling water or steam for 5 minutes before using
2. The milk that has been absorbed should be refrigerated immediately
3. Heating in warm water slowly. Once thawed, it should be used within 24 hours
4. Do not refreeze the thawed milk
5. Do not mix fresh milk with stored milk


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